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Un-Hot in Cleveland: Journos React to RNC’s Choice: ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Republican National Convention has decided that Cleveland, the mistake on the lake, will be the home of their 2016 presidential convention. So what do the people who will have to cover this gargantuan event – reporters – think about the choice?

Andrew Kirell, Mediaite: “Congrats to the cities that weren’t selected to host the RNC! And my condolences to Cleveland, a city that has repeatedly fallen prey to corporate welfare scams in the form of hucksters promising big jobs, revenue, and revitalization if only you build this brand-new stadium or host this massive event with tax dollars. The benefits never actualize, and the boosters make off like bandits. Make the RNC and DNC pay for the events and police coverage entirely through corporate donations.”

SiriusXM’s Julie Mason: “I cannot believe the Republicans are skipping Vegas. The Republicans need Las Vegas. No one can do Vegas like Republicans — steak dinners, red wine, hookers, illicit gay weddings, everyone acting like Sinatra and Dean Martin. Cleveland is the final last hiccup of a party that has given up — a party wearing comfortable walking shoes and a fanny pack, waiting for the shuttle bus. A party that is sad, in a soiled ‘liberty’ T-shirt and fine with a box lunch and panel discussion on tax rates. Talk about surrender monkeys. I am just worried about them now.”

Will Rahn, The Daily Beast: “It’s in Cleveland, not Denver.”

Brett Decker, political consultant, White House Writers Group: “The Republican convention going to Cleveland reflects how strong the party is in the Great Lakes region. Although the GOP is usually viewed as a Southern party, conservatives control the governorships and both houses of the state legislatures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio. Gaining ground in the Midwest is vital for Republicans to win the presidency, so holding the big 2016 bash in the neighborhood makes sense to reach out to voters there.”

Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller: “I don’t think about Cleveland too much. The Drew Carey show is set there. That was a funny show.”

Greta Van Susteren, FNC:  “Confess…with all the traveling I do and the jet lag associated with it…I love events in the same time zone as Washington!”

Tommy Christopher, The Daily Banter: “I think it’s great, because the closest they’ll probably ever get to effective minority outreach will be bragging that they’re holding their convention in the home of the Browns.”

Lachlan Markay, Washington Free Beacon: “As a city, it can’t be worse than Tampa, but that’s about the nicest thing I can say. I’m looking forward to covering it, though.”

Evan Gahr, freelancer, resident phone enthusiast: “My reaction is that I have no reaction or anything of value to say about this–unlike so many other Washington journalists who are blessed with the ability to predict the future and will probably be on TV tonight explaining exactly how this will effect the 2016 presidential race. That kind of thing really annoys me. Like when everyone says Hillary Clinton will be the nominee in 2016. For all we know the world could be destroyed in a geothermal nuclear Holocaust next year if Iran gets the bomb and then there will be no presidential election. To say nothing of the fact that in in 2008 most people said her nomination was a sure thing.”

Anonymous Journo: “Yawn. Can’t think of anywhere less exciting in America, with the possible exception of Wichita. Dallas would have been fun – cowboys, Bushs, a bit of swagger and personality. Cleveland? Wake me up when it’s over.”

Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner: “I’ve never been to Cleveland, so I can’t speak to whether it will be a ‘fun’ convention, but Drew Carey seemed to like the town, so… And if the RNC runs their convention right (lame pun intended), maybe they could help sway some votes in the swing state of Ohio, whereas in Texas the GOP doesn’t need so much of a boost.”

Jimmy Williams, MSNBC, Blue Nation Review: “If this is Reince Priebus’ 2nd act to the 2013 GOP autopsy report in which he said the party must reach out to African-American (and others), then I expect the same result: all talk and no action. Sadly he misunderstands the community of Cleveland and he’s in for a very interesting wake up call in June 2016.”