A Serious Contender For Worst Teacher Of The Year Is Suing To Get His Job Back

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A teacher who refused to teach subtraction has filed a lawsuit against the New York school system to get his job back after he was fired for failing to teach anything, to anyone.

Jesus Estaba spent years failing and re-taking the state licensing exams due to brazen inability, and was eventually placed as a tenured special education teacher in the Bronx public school system, according the New York Daily News. After decades of “teaching” students lessons like addition, but not subtraction because “it was easier,” the school system finally canned him.

“His lessons lacked a clear, measurable objective, his students’ behavior was not being effectively managed, his students’ understanding of the material was not being assessed… and he agreed with the Department’s conclusion that he failed to improve,” Department of Education (DOE) hearing officer Susan Sangillo Bellifemine wrote in a 35-page decision to fire Estaba.

After earning his master’s degree in education, Estaba spent years struggling with passing New York’s licensing exams, whining to the New York Daily News that, “The reading passages are really long. And they have things like Frost, the guy with the poems.”

The ineffectual teacher, however, was confident that failing the tests meant nothing, and that it was in the classroom where he could really shine. According to the DOE investigation, however, he failed miserably in the classrooms as well.

The DOE found evidence that Estaba, on one occasion, had third graders learn about liquids by having them cut and glue pictures — a lesson that would be fit for preschoolers, not 8-year-old kids. And there were reports, according to the New York Post, that Estaba often failed to correct students when they responded with wrong answers, and even said one student was “too learning disabled” to teach.

The incompetent teacher was even able to bleed taxpayers of $82,478 this year, and has been earning a similar salary for the last decade through his position at Public School 30, the Daily News reported. After spending a total of 23 years failing the students of New York, Estaba is living a comfy life in the ritzy Park Slope area of Brooklyn — just three blocks down from Mayor Bill de Blasio. (RELATED: Over 80 Percent Of New Yorkers Say Common Core Is A Failure)

At the disciplinary hearing, Estaba further demonstrated his stupidity and inability as an “educated” person when he defended his ability to teach students by saying: “The lesson went good because the students were active participating.”