Colorado Man Who Gives ‘No F****’ Asks Obama If He Wants Some Weed

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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President Obama did not say “yes,” but he also did not say “no” when asked by a man in a Colorado bar Tuesday night if he wanted to smoke marijuana.

Obama merely laughed when, as he was greeting a crowd at a Denver bar, 24-year-old Matthew Anton held a joint up in the air and asked “You want to hit this?”

“Asked him if he wanted a hit of pot…he laughed! #legalizeit #iinhaled #mrGQ” wrote Anton on Instagram.

The offer capped an interesting night for Obama, who is in Colorado to attend two fundraisers. He and Gov. John Hickenlooper were photographed letting their hair down, playing pool and drinking beer at Wynkoop Brewing Company, which Hickenlooper founded. Obama was also photographed fist-bumping a gorilla statue and shaking hands with a man wearing a horse head mask.

Reached by The Daily Caller via email, Anton says that he was not overly concerned by the Secret Service agents trailing the president. He says that he spent an hour chatting them up, “trying to bust some chops, get a few laughs.”

“I was holding up a ‘joint’ and I really didn’t mind because, well, it’s Colorado! I thought it wasn’t a big deal,” Anton said. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana.

“In most situations I give no fucks,” he said.

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