Silent Circle App Protects Calls From Government Snooping

Josh Evans Contributor
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Mobile security company Silent Circle is rolling out a new service to protect consumers worried about government surveillance on their phone calls.

Silent Circle recently announced a secured voice and data plan for Android and iOS phones, with the intention to expand to Windows Mobile phones in the near future, The Times of India reports.

The company, which is best known for its privacy-focused Blackphone, is offering encrypted calling to 79 different countries around the world. Subscribers to the service can make unlimited calls to members and have limited minutes to call outsiders, although the call will only be encrypted on the Silent Circle user’s end. (RELATED: You Can Finally Get Your Hands On The New Anti-Surveillance Blackphone)

The service also includes Silent Circle’s suite of mobile apps, which includes software to encrypt texts and contacts. The apps also allow users to thoroughly delete phone data. (RELATED: Wiping Your Phone Isn’t As Effective As You Think)

Silent Circle offers plans ranging from $12.95 to $39.95, comparable to similar online voice services such as Skype or Viber. The online nature of the communication also allows users to bypass costly roaming fees.

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