World’s Tallest Buildings Will Be Green … And Pink

Julia Dent Contributor
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China will be building the world’s tallest buildings that will also clean the air.

The pink Phoenix skyscrapers (the color was chosen to reflect China’s sunsets) were designed by the British architect firm Chetwoods, according to CNN. The largest tower will stand 172 meters, beating Dubai’s Burj Khalifa for the name of the world’s tallest building.

The buildings will have a “thermal chimney” that will be heated by the sun, and it will take air from across the surrounding lakes to cool down buildings. The air will be filtered and put back into the environment and water.

They will “put air back into the water like in a typical fish tank … but we’re also cleansing the water and putting it back,” chairman Laurie Chetwood said. “You can imagine the pressure those lakes are under, [with] a huge dense city growing around them. So we thought we could not only attract attention with the towers but also breathe life, literally, into the lakes.”

To make it visually appealing, the largest tower will have a kaleidoscope powered by wind turbines, and both skyscrapers will reflect Chinese culture.

“It’s two dragons or two birds — one male, one female — and we use this idea as a symbiotic idea, one feeding off the other for the benefit of all,” Chetwood said.

They will also have photovoltaic panels for electricity, and the smaller tower will have a vertical garden all the way up one side. Celestial orbs between the towers will contain restaurants and viewing platforms.

Construction will begin in 2016.

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