Obama Makes Up For Cutting In Line By Paying For Customers’ Meal

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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The bear is on the loose, and acting out.

While visiting Texas, the President Barack Obama, who has been known to deviate from his pre-planned schedule, hit up Franklin Barbeque, a local barbeque joint. But, rather than waiting in line for some of Texas’ most famous meats, he committed the most basic of dining offenses: he cut in line!

“I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but — I’m gonna cut,” Obama said.

He even felt guilty enough to buy a meal for the family that was first in line. Unfortunately for the president, that family’s order was hefty — six pounds of meat, including three pounds of brisket, a pound of turkey sausage and two pounds of ribs.

“Now hold on,” Obama said, “How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding.”

On his way to the register, Obama said hello to customers, shook hands and made small talk. The president purchased brisket for himself, along with the other food, gave the cashier a fist pump, and paid the bill of nearly $300 with a credit card.

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