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What the #&@$ were they thinking? 

“Don’t know why, but kinda pissed WaPo people are linking to the AP version of the Va. princess story when there’s a WaPo-authored version.” — Kevin Reiss, avid WaPo critic.

Modern journalism

“That thing where a publication picks somebody else’s story clean of every halfway interesting fact then puts a tiny ‘source’ link below.” — Matt Zoller Seitz, of and

Foreboding fortune teller

“I’ve drunk so much coffee I can see the future. (all of you will die, btw)” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Important Q to Ponder: “Is there any more appealing actress than Catherine Keener?” — CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood.

Journo trash talking 

“I harass [Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi] on the internet routinely but you should follow her twitter b/c she’s funny even if her reporting/persona are godawful.” — Mother JonesAsawin Suebsaeng.


Rob Lowe detects media bias

“It is impossible to read a major Sunday paper without detecting a blatant political agenda. Maybe it has always been so.” — actor and author Rob Lowe.

The Observer

“Head of Brazil: a woman. Germany: a woman. Argentina: a woman. The world is a changing.” — Maria Shriver, genius.

In case you were wondering…

“One of my favorite airports in the country is Salt Lake City. I love Mormons. We agree on nothing doctrinally but they are good citizens.” — Fresno freelancer Charles C. Johnson.

Journo: ‘Stop bitching’ about headlines already

“I’m sorry, but stop bitching about ‘click bait’. Headlines and mag covers were ALWAYS about grabbing attention.” — Director of Programming at MicNews Jared Keller in reaction to this Daily Beast story on the anti-click-bait movement. Keller’s previous haunts include The Atlantic, Bloomberg, National Journal and Al Jazeera.

The Instigator 

“Freedom Conservative is a dessert topping, and Liberty Conservatism is a floor wax. Or is it the other way around? Please advise.” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief and MSNBC contributor David Corn.

Fallout from Hello Kitty propositioning D.C. consultant in Times Square 

“@BibleQuotes unfollowed me after my tweets about getting propositioned and picked up in Times Square. Apparently thought I was admitting to a dissolute life without reading the story to see that it was a joke.” — White House Writers Group’s Brett Decker.  See the weekend item here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 6.26.34 PM

PRETTY RACY? “I crashed @aaronschock‘s office today. Film to follow.” — CNN Crossfire host S.E. Cupp.