Sorry Germany, Facebook And Twitter Won The World Cup Final

Julia Dent Contributor
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Facebook and Twitter reached record usage highs during the World Cup final with over 280 million posts, comments and likes by 88 million people. This surpassed Superbowl XLVII, which had 245 million interactions.

People from the U.S. posted the most, with males aged 18 to 24 being most active, according to The Verge. The World Cup was also the most talked about event on social media ever for the duration of the tournament, with over a billion posts in just the first two weeks.

Twitter had its tweets-per-minute record broken with 618,725 tweets in a minute when Germany won the final. But that game didn’t have the most total tweets.

32.1 million tweets were sent during the final, but it was less than the 35.6 million tweets during Germany’s big win against Brazil. That game is Twitter’s most popular sporting event ever.