Woman Falls To Death On NYC Subway Tracks

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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A New York City woman plummeted to her death on the train tracks Saturday after toying with her iPad to pass the time while waiting for the subway.

Araceli Ayuso was waiting for Brooklyn-bound train No. 4 at Union Square Station at approximately 3:30 p.m. when she lost her grip on her iPad. As she lunged out to catch the device, she tripped, tumbled forward and plummeted onto the tracks just as the train arrived. The conductor reportedly saw Ayuso’s fall, and attempted to stop the train, but was unable to stop in time.

Ayuso was on her way home from her early-morning shift working at City Bakery on 5th Avenue. When not working at the bakery, the 21 year old took care of her 3-year-old daughter, Ashlynn.

“She wakes up at the crack of dawn to support our daughter. She was exhausted and coming home from work,” Ayuso’s boyfriend, Yeovany Rivero, told the New York Post.

According to witnesses, Ayuso looked exhausted, with conflicting accounts saying she may have nodded off while standing on the platform.

“They [witnesses] just kept saying she looked tired and she just kind of fell forward off the platform.” Rivero said.

Police suspected Ayuso may have been drunk when she fell on the tracks, but there were no obvious signs of intoxication. The toxicology report is still pending.

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