Activist Exposes Brandeis University Anti-Israel Faculty Listserv

Chloé Valdary Fellow, Lawfare Project
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One may have believed that the revocation of an esteemed award from human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Brandeis University was the lowest level the school could stoop in kowtowing to fascist, racist influences among Brandeis faculty. Yet one would be wrong. In an all-new bombshell uncovered by Brandeis student Daniel Mael, an entire listserv used by Brandeis professors and teachers has been leaked to the public.

This email list, entitled “Concerned” contains several exchanges between professors bashing conservatives, Jews, Christians, and anyone who views America as a force for good in this world.

Donald Hindley, professor of comparative politics at the university, has a particular fetish for promoting moral relativism and elevating terrorists on the pedestal of public esteem. In one email, he laments the cutting of ties of the university to the terror affiliated Al-Quds saying, “If significant donors and/or our current campus leaders’ ideology/brain-washing demand that ‘we’ break relations with Al-Quds, surely ‘we’ (Brandeis) must ensure that our campus be free of Quaker Cadburys products. ‘They’ never rest from “their” jihad to pollute our pure selves.”

Yes, remaining tied to a university where students praised homicide bombers and held a pro-Nazi rally is unequivocally akin to selling assorted chocolates and goodies in the school’s cafeteria. God forbid.

In another email with the subject line, “Israel and Our Organs,” Hindley peddles anti-Semitic libels and suggests that if he were to die, his organs would be taken by Israel and be “of use to His people, recycled as (non-Kosher, I hope but money does corrupt us all, as witness the Jewish Orthodox occupiers of Palestinian territory) sausages-frankfurters -weenies-erstwhile hot dogs.” He also goes further in another email, “We are at a Jew-controlled and -financed university that from Day One has been self-declared ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive.’”

Hindley does not go at it alone in his hateful musings. Gordon Fellman, professor at the department of sociology, shares an article suggesting that the Boston bombers were not motivated by an Arab supremacist anti-American doctrine of Islamism, but instead “alienation, poverty, and despair” driven by the  “cruel anti-immigrant policies of both Presidents Bush and Obama.” Correct, you read that right, it was apparently the fault of America — which afforded the Tsarnaev boys with an unparalleled opportunity to take part in the American dream and succeed in any craft they chose to pursue — that the boys desired to bomb it.

Yet this makes sense when one considers that Fellman expressed his support for domestic terrorist and infamous anti-American, Bill Ayers. Fellman forwarded an “Educator Letter of Support for Bill Ayers” to his fellow professors on the thread.

In another email, Fellman promotes ageism, sexism, and racism by sharing an article that suggests the National Football League is the “last sports bastion of white male conservatives” because the majority of fans are allegedly “rich old angry white men” — as if being rich, white, and old were a crime against humanity.

Mary Baine Campbell, professor of Comparative Literature and English, is also a part of this circle of friends. In one email, she laments the university’s decision to award Hirsi Ali with an honor of distinction, describing her as a “fraud” and someone who engages in “defending violence” — although it was actually she herself who was violently assaulted as a young child. Yet, Campbell goes on to state that moving forward with the award would be “complicity in defamation.”

Conversely, in a different email, Campbell finds it “worrisome” that the “inexplicably hurried action [was] taken to end the partnership, such as it was, [of Brandeis University] with al Quds.”

One would expect Campbell — who previously claimed to be against “defending violence” — to denounce al-Quds for participating in racist demonstrations. Yet, according to another email, Campbell defines terrorism as “anything scary that happens to anyone white or American.” Thus it is not so shocking that she is silent on the matter.

In addition to justifying the actions of radical terror groups and disparaging those who speak out against them, almost all of the professors involved in the exchange express their support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS) which seeks to terminate the existence of Israel, the only Jewish state on the face of the earth.

For example Hindley shares an article wherein the author regrets the ties between Brandeis and Israeli institutions. He suggests that Fred Lawrence, president of the university, “may be a willing enemy of the very raison d’être of our university” because he associates with AIPAC and Friends of the IDF. Harry Mairson, professor of Computer Science, chimes in, in a separate email, with the lovely invective that Jews are not actually a people but merely a religious group undeserving of “the recognition of our [their] country.”

These themes are consistently expounded upon throughout the list serv. Calls for censorship against all things pro-Jew, pro-civil rights, and pro-free speech are ceaselessly promoted. A type of sinister arrogance permeates the attitudes of the professors involved — as if calling into question their ostensibly axiomatic diatribes would impede their social order.

Yet, contrary to what they would have us believe, we do live in a free country.  Educated fools who rest easy in their ivory towers, unaffected by the harsh realities of the real world have every right to spew venom against Semites and others they deem too “different” from their aristocratic souls. But now, given the full scope of the manure they disseminate and, no doubt, inject into the classroom, is it any surprise that such pressure was mounted to rescind an award from a woman of distinction who actually deals with reality, not with the convoluted crevices of her imagination?