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The Pessimist 

“There aren’t 50 beautiful people in DC” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green.

A serious question about being stupid 

“Serious Question: Can you vacation yourself stupid? I’ve been forgetful and saying the dumbest things all day.” — 94.7 Fresh FM’s Tommy McFly recently near Maryland City, Maryland.

The Name Dropper 

“Sitting with @jenniferweiner watching my first #Bachelorette. Like watching my first baseball game next to Yogi Berra.” — NYT‘s Jodi Kantor. Author Jennifer Weiner has written Good in Bed and In Her Shoes.

Convo Between Two Journos

Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney: “I remember seeing these middle-aged reporters + columnists walking, slump-shouldered, around the Hill”

SiriusXM’s Julie Mason: “Unseemly: Still in yr 30s”

Day in the life of a Politico reporter

“A dollar bill was lying in the middle of Georgia Ave. and I biked right by. #Inflation. Half a block later I changed my mind and turned around to pick it up because I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t a $20. #eyesight” — Politico‘s Byron Tau.

The Media Observer

“Dept. of Unhelpful Headlines: Chris Christie Dodges Questions On Divisive Issues.” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake, on this HuffPost story.

Journo: ‘The Newsroom’ sucks

“Aaron Sorkin explains why ‘The Newsroom’ is ending: ‘Because we can.’ Better answer: ‘Because we should. It sucks.'” — Jon Ralston, Nevada political journalist.

MSNBC’s Touré apologizes 

“Late last week, I foolishly got involved in a twitter exchange regarding an article about reparations. It was a dumb idea by me to debate serious and nuanced topics in 140 characters or less. In an attempt to comment on racism in post World War II America, I used a shorthand that was insensitive and wrong. I am very sorry and will make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Happy Birthday Arianna!


BIRTHDAY GIRL: “60 years ago, 4 year-old Arianna about to blow out the candles on her bday cake. 64 today & grateful for every moment” — HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.