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See? It’s Tuesday!

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I warned you I’d be back.

Last week, I returned to Washington, DC and sat down at a table with some State Department lawyers, in the first round of a process called mediation. You can Google “mediation” if you want, because I’m too tired to explain it. But it went very well. For me, that is.

There’s still some more stuff to do with the mediation and whatnot, in which I’ll participate by phone, but the finish line is in sight. Not that I’ll ever be able to run again, but y’know. The nightmare that began on February 3, 2010 is almost over.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that. For now, or forever, or whatever I end up deciding. I’m not going to decide right now, because as mentioned, I am very very tired.

But happy. 🙂