Hillary Clinton: It’s Become ‘Cottage Industry’ To Attack Me [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Attacking the Clintons has gone from a right-wing conspiracy to a cottage industry, according to the matriarch of the former — and perhaps future — first family.

During an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Tuesday, Hillary Clinton told host Jon Stewart that if the hoopla surrounding her political future ended suddenly, the unemployment rate would go up.

“I think a lot of people would lose their jobs if it all stopped,” she said, responding to Stewart’s suggestion that all the criticism of her family would cease if she just declared she was not running for president.

“It would stop for you,” Stewart followed up. “They’d move on to Chris Christie or whoever else.”

“They might,” Hillary replied. “But I’ve been amazed at what a cottage industry it is. And so I kind of expect it would continue.”

Though Stewart has a history of being surprisingly tough on certain Democrat political officials who appear on his show, the liberal comedian didn’t ask single tough question of Clinton during the segments of the interview that aired on television.

When Stewart wasn’t sucking up to the woman who may be the next president of the United States, he was asking the kind of softball questions that would make even Larry King cringe.

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