Man Who Entered Kennedy Home Looking For Katy Perry Arrested [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A man was arrested after he allegedly walked into the Kennedy Compound through an unlocked door looking for Katy Perry, and made himself right at home.

53-year-old James Lacroix entered the compound in Hyannisport, Mass., around 6:30 Tuesday evening and started making dinner, reported TMZ. He ran into Ted Kennedy Jr.’s grandson, 16, who assumed he was a houseguest, and spent some time reading a book on the couch. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Might Have A Weird Obsession With The Kennedys)

Lacroix answered a call from Ted Kennedy Jr. around 9 p.m., who was checking on his teenage son from out of town, and promptly called police following their conversation.

When police arrived about 30 minutes later, they talked to Lacroix and soon realized he was “detached from reality.” When asked why he was on the property, Lacroix told police he had a gift for Katy Perry and was there to see John F. Kennedy, reported TMZ.

Lacroix was arrested and charged with breaking and entering in the daytime, reported the New York Post, and hyannisnews.com captured this footage of police leading him out of the house.

He was wearing a Captain America t-shirt when arrested.


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