Look Out, GOP! Nancy Pelosi Aims For Democrats To Win 25 Seats In November

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told The Washington Post Tuesday that she is aiming for Democrats to pick up 25 GOP seats this November.

“We’re playing in about 70 districts; 25 is my goal — I would like that,” Pelosi said in her interview with the Post.

Pelosi’s not-so-modest mid-term election talk suggests that she likes to root for the underdog. Historically, the party of a two-term president usually loses seats in his sixth year in office, and President Obama’s approval rating is currently below 50 percent.

Still, the House minority leader expressed her confidence in Democratic candidates.

She explained that Republicans’ recent effort to bring a lawsuit against President Obama “really turns off a lot of the middle, because it’s just political.”

Pelosi also stated that Republicans are focused on “process, process, process as opposed to progress, progress, progress, which is what we’re about.”

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