Ronan Farrow Has Awkward Interview About Female Thor And Archie’s Death [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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MSNBC host Ronan Farrow turned to “Orange is the New Black” TV star Lea DeLaria for her “dynamic, well-informed opinion” about the death of comic book character Archie and Marvel Comics announcing a female Thor character.

“So you’re saying Thor is now trans?” DeLaria asked Farrow on his show Tuesday.

“Let’s go with that. … I like the idea, the concept of Thor as trans,” Farrow joked.

When asked about the success of her TV series, DeLaria responded: “I’m still drinking.”

Farrow went on discuss the comic book character Archie taking a bullet for his openly gay best friend.

“What more do you think comic books should do? Archie introduced this gay character in 2010. What’s the last frontier? What do you want to see?” Farrow asked the actress.

“I think they should make a cartoon character of me having a three-way with Betty and Veronica,” DeLaria responded.

Farrow reacts surprised to his guest’s R-rated comment, “Wow. Okay. 1 p.m., everybody. Things just got real.”

As Farrow closed his show, DeLaria kept repeating to Farrow: “You are so pretty. You’re so pretty.”