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Paul Begala cracks on Dick Cheney 

“I’ll be on @NewDay with my pal @KevinMaddenDC, hosts @ChrisCuomo & @KateBolduan. Hillary Clinton & Dick Cheney give interviews. I liked one.” — Paul Begala, CNN Commentary and former counsel to President Clinton.

Reporter: Jon Stewart is serious Hillary Clinton ass kisser 

“Shocked that Jon Stewart was able to ask questions of Hillary considering that his lips have been surgically attached to her ass.” — Breitbart News and Truth Revolt‘s Ben Shapiro.

Something that’d be a real shocker: Anthony Weiner on The Five 

“If Roger Ailes doesn’t replace Bob Beckel with @anthonyweiner on @TheFive WE ALL LOSE.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw, linking to this story by The Hollywood Reporter. 

Jay Carney signs on with the Washington Speakers Bureau… See here.

Travel Bitches 

“Metro just erased arrival times for three trains at Capitol South, Bermuda triangle?? @wmata” — USA Today‘s Paul Singer.


Washington reporters ache over Akin 

“Todd Akin, I disliked you when i lived in missouri. i dislike you now living in DC. #mute” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen

“Did we mention that this Akin interview is live?” — WaPo columnist and MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart.

“Reminder that Todd Akin said women who are ‘legitimate’ raped rarely get pregnant. This guy is a clown!” — Arthur Delaney, HuffPost.

“Why does anyone actually care about anything that comes out of Todd Akin’s face right now.” — Matt Berman, news editor, National Journal.



“Rise, shine, spill coffee all over your shirt.” — Stephanie Haberman, social and digital producer, NBC News.

A case of mistaken gender 

“Pretty sure this South Carolina police dispatcher just called me ma’am over the phone.” — HuffPost‘s Alexander Kaufman.