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NRSC Aide Gets Hot Under Collar Over Todd Akin Interview

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Let’s be honest. NRSC strategist Brad Dayspring isn’t too hard to rile.  A toothpick could rile him.

This morning was no exception as a Washington Post reporter tried to tweak the GOP for ex-Rep. Todd Akin‘s (R-Mo.) bumbling appearance on MSNBC. Akin caused an uproar in 2012 when he said “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy. And now he’s out on the airwaves telling his side of the story. Akin appeared on MSNBC Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd this morning. After taking a brutal beating on Twitter, he’ll get back on the horse again at 2 p.m. with Joy Reid.

The Post reporter, Wesley Lowery, cracked on the GOP, tweeting, “Why in the world has GOP/NRSC/NRCC allowed Todd Akin anywhere near a television camera? Just what they don’t need 4 months before midterms.” Some 25 minutes later, Dayspring fired back, “I didn’t realize political parties had the authority to censor television broadcasts. Does it apply to print news as well?”

Lowery continued his fire: Oh come on Dayspring. You’ve never asked any candidate to do/not do/say something ever?”

Dayspring replied partially in shouty all-caps, saying, “Key word: ‘CANDIDATE.’ Your tweet was absurd.”

Lowery went on, “You’re right. Why would political party concern itself with actions of someone they created/propelled to national platform.”

Dayspring: “No, you’re right. I’ll have our staff start calling private citizens who [we] disagree with to register objections.”

Lowery: “The more important sentence ‘not what they need’ is only underscored by how you’re all completely overreacting.”

Dayspring: “Can’t speak for others, my only reaction was to your dumb tweet. Before you turn in next story, please call me for approval.”

Lowery continued his tweaking. “Covering Pelosi presser in 15,” he wrote. “Will make [sure] to run all quotes by you great folks at the NRSC.”

Dayspring got the last word for now. “No need to cover it,” he replied. “I’m having our staff call over to Leader Pelosi’s office to have her not do the press conference, so.”

Soon Politico‘s Chief Economics correspondent Ben White jumped into the fray by defending the GOP. “Sure but its a free country. What are they going to do, lock him in the basement?”

Lowery said, “Why not? (kidding). This just really isn’t that deep nor was tweet some broad indictment of GOP.”

And then the jokes and brilliant ideas starting rolling.

“Would be fun to see Dayspring hire some goons to make a human enclosure around Akin’s house,” said The New Republic Brian Beutler.

Lowery continued Beautler’s thought, saying, “Or a human chain of GOP interns surrounding the MSNBC studio when Akin shows up for his hit.”

So far Dayspring is keeping his cool.