NRCC: Pelosi Is ‘Toxic’ For 2014 Democratic House Candidates

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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With her goal of Democrats winning 25 seat in the House in 2014, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may be setting her sights a little too high, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The NRCC stated that the latest policies pushed by Pelosi and the House Democrats “are really just the same tired, liberal proposals that won’t create jobs.”

While Pelosi is one of the most well-known members of Congress, she is also one of the most unpopular leaders in Congress today. A recent Gallup poll found that only 31 percent of Americans view Pelosi favorably, whereas 48 percent view her unfavorably. Among other prominent U.S. House and senate leaders, she has the lowest net favorability rating, at minus 17 percent.

Political forecasters have predicted that Republicans have a 99 percent chance of retaining control of the House this November. In order for Democrats to gain the majority they’ll need to hold onto the seats they currently have, and gain an additional 17 victories.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee listed 35 seats it would like to see change from Republican to Democratic in the upcoming election. Pelosi only called out 13 that she’d like to see flipped. But, by calling out these candidates and districts by name, Pelosi only hurts the candidates’ chances, according to the NRCC.

“The whole overarching strategy is that Pelosi is calling out these candidates by name, which is interesting because she’s not really wanted on the campaign trail,” NRCC digital press secretary Andrew Clark told the Daily Caller. “Her brand is pretty toxic.”

Pelosi mentioned congressional candidate Sean Eldridge as a Democrat that would help her regain her position as House majority leader. Eldridge is currently running to represent the 19th Congressional District of New York.

“If New York families needed any more evidence that Sean Eldridge was completely out-of-touch, now he has Nancy Pelosi’s stamp of approval to further convince them,” NRCC communications director Andrea Bozek said.

The NRCC went as far as sending Eldridge a rubber stamp in the mail with the text “Sean Eldridge, Approved by Nancy Pelosi.”

“You look at her poll numbers and she is not very popular, the Democrats aren’t going to take back the House,” Clark said. “She is the speaker head of all this liberal agenda. When she comes out and calls all these people by name she is associating herself with them.”

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