Introducing POLITICO: The Body Issue

Seth Richardson Contributor
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You’ve never seen Politico Magazine like this. Then again, it’s likely you’ve never seen Politico Magazine at all. But this month, Politico finally released its long-anticipated Body Issue, celebrating the beautiful, naked bodies of the nation’s top lawmakers.

Check out all your favorite politicians in the buff:

1. Barack Obama isn’t afraid to show his curves

Barry O Fielder


2. Somebody get John Boehner some duct tape, because he’s RIPPED

Boehner Body

3. Bill’s had a very active post-presidency



4. Ted Cruz’s body could shut down the government

Cruz Body


5. Now we know why Hillary Clinton is able to endlessly run the campaign trail

Hillary Body


6. Rand Paul knows there’s only one effective way to evade domestic drone strikes

Rand Body


7. Nancy Pelosi teaches us how to end the floor debate

Pelosi Body

8. Mitch McConnell is confident Republicans will carry the Senate again


BONUS! Michelle Obama takes the cover

Body Issue Cover

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(Image manipulation by Seth Richardson. Athlete photos via ESPN.)

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