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When Crisis Strikes, You Can Count On Obama To Grab A Delicious Snack

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The following is something I posted to my old blog on June 21, 2009, the day after the entire world witnessed Neda Agha-Soltan being murdered in cold blood in the streets of Tehran.

The President of the United States responded by… going out for ice cream.


Obama Snacked, Iranians Got Whacked


Confection accomplished. Heck of a glob, Barry. Barack Obama doesn’t care about lactose-intolerant people. “Now watch this drive… to the ice cream shop.”

To learn more about how our emperor dawdled while Tehran burned, check out Jeff “What enchants you, Mr. President?” Zeleny’s hard-hitting report, and Patterico’s compare-and-contrast between an Iranian dissident and an American busboy. And then try to imagine the NYT’s coverage if Bush had pulled a stupid stunt like this on a day like yesterday. Of course, if it’d been Bush, he’d be taking a break from his responsibilities (like supporting democracy), not a break from shirking them.

(In all fairness, that pic is from a previous ice-cream run, so his grin may not have been quite as wide yesterday.)

It isn’t about the ice cream. People need to start realizing that Obama isn’t the President of the United States; the United States is the throne upon which Obama sits. “Let them eat soft-serve.”


At the time, I was accused of overreacting. I’m sure some of my biggest fans still think so, and I welcome them to express themselves in the comments.

Maybe I was off-base. Or maybe, just maybe:

Malaysia Airlines Plane Reportedly Shot Down In Ukraine Near Russian Border




Americans Shot Out of the Sky, Obama Got Fries

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