Russia Sanctions Democrat Congressman, Gitmo Commander And Abu Ghraib Abuser

Scott Greer Contributor
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The United States imposed a new set of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday — the day before the fatal shootdown of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine — that many saw as a weak action against alleged Russian involvement in Ukraine.

In retaliation, Russia announced its own sanctions against a very unique selection of 13 Americans.

The list, according to the Associated Press, includes Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, Guantanamo Bay commander Rear Adm. Richard Butler, and notorious Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuser Lynndie England.

Russia’s foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich claimed that Moran, a politician well-known for his liberal positions, was put on the list due to a long record of “financial misdeeds.”

Others on the list include a general involved in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the commander of the Abu Ghraib prison when the pictures of abuse first surfaced, and a judge who threw out an inmate complaint that guards at Gitmo force-fed him while he was on a hunger strike.

These individuals were likely included on the list to push back against America’s claims that Russia is violating Ukraine’s sovereignty, and disregards human rights.

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