Puppy, I’m Homeee! Enjoy These Adorable Reunions Of Dogs and Their Military Owners

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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Homecomings are always emotional, and when they happen between soldiers and their pups, they are somehow even more heartwarming. Take a look at these 15 adorable dog-owner reunion moments.


1. Santa must have seen Silver’s Christmas list.

2. Daddy is home!

3. This chair is big enough for two.

4. Emmitt Thunderpaws goes in for the hug.

5. Awww, listen to that whimper!

6. This deaf doggie doesn’t need to bark to show he’s happy.

7. Who is that?!?

8. Oh yes, these pups remember.

9. Take turns!

10. Chuck sees his owner and makes one big leap for dogkind.

11. The dog days are over!

12. Military man’s greeting is twice as nice.

13. It had really been too long.

14. Surprise! This isn’t an ordinary game of fetch.

15. Now THAT is excitement.

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