Rebels Take Control Of Bodies From MH17 Crash, Store Them In Train Cars

Scott Greer Contributor
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Pro-Russian Separatists have taken control of the bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on Sunday, and are storing them in refrigerated train cars.

The United States and the West have demanded access to the crash site and to the remains of the MH17 passengers. According to the Associated Press, there are serious concerns that the rebels are destroying evidence from the site and are not handling the remains properly.

International investigators have complained that they are not being allowed access to the downed plane. Ukraine has claimed that the bodies were taken away from their control by force, and their investigators were turned away at gunpoint.

The AP said that their reporters were limited by rebels when around the crash site, and on Saturday they witnessed piled up decomposing body parts. On Sunday, they reported that they saw no bodies and no rebels guarding the area.

The rebel commander in the province of Donetsk has reassured international observers that the bodies will not leave the train cars until they have been examined by experts.

“The bodies will go nowhere until experts arrive,” Alexander Borodai said.

Borodai also said that rebels will turn over the black boxes to the International Civil Aviation Organization. (RELATED: Russian President Calls For Cease-Fire To Investigate Downed Plane)

Both Ukraine and the separatists are accusing the other side for being responsible for shooting down MH17. The U.S. is pointing at the separatists for responsibility in the attack.

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