Alabama Fan Punches Titan’s Quarterback While Screaming ‘Roll Tide’

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Nobody talks trash about Alabama football to a crimson tide fan without getting punched in the face. Especially not Zach Mettenberger.

The Tennessee Titans quarterback was at a bar in Nashville over the weekend when two Alabama fans approached the previous Louisiana State University football star, according to USA Today.

Losers Most Wanted Bar & Grill owner Steve Ford made a statement on Monday regarding the incident, claiming that “the guy said something about ‘Roll Tide!’ to Zach, and Zach turned around and said ‘Good luck with that.'” Another guy then punched Mettenberger in the face.

Mettenberger, Ford claims, didn’t do anything to start the altercation. “I promise you that Mettenberger did not throw a punch,” Ford said. “He didn’t do anything. The guy sucker-punched him in the eye, that’s the bottom line, and the guy that punched him started running out the door. My door guys had to chase him down.”

No charges have been made in regards to the incident, and Mettenberger did not need medical assistance.

Not surprising. He should be used to a ‘Bama beatdown after last year’s LSU vs. Alabama game.