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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Suggestion to political candidates: Answer questions from constituents & reporters. It’s, like, part of the job.” — USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.


“Two children killed in sheja’iya this morning. Relatives had trouble identifying the boy bc his head is gone. #gaza” — Kristen Chick, Kosovo-based journalist. 

“Just saw the bodies of children in the morgue of the main hospital which is so full that they are piling up on the floor. Doesn’t get worse.” — Peter Stefanovic, correspondent, Channel 9 Australia.

Intimidation techniques 

“If @ad_holland‘s bosses at @Interpreter_Mag think I let things go easily, they are trifling with the wrong motherfucker.” — Sam Knight, contributor, Washington Monthly.

Journo is weak when it comes to Amazon  

“My Amazon boycott is going to hell. Today I ordered an impossible hard-to-find computer part. But still no books. I am weak.” — ReutersJack Shafer.

Lede Watch 

“The most appallingly LA lede ever written.” — HuffPost‘s Alexander Kaufman. And the lead?

“Just because you live in L.A. and hit the gym a few times a week before 14-hour office days doesn’t mean you’re ready for a St. Tropez, Malibu or Hamptons beach close-up. And come on, gents: The ladies have been getting tankini-ready since right after the Oscars. So you might as well put in a few weeks before pulling on your French Vilebrequin swim trunks. It’s not even about a six-pack — it’s about skin tone, color and smoothness, all too visible in unforgiving bright midsummer sunlight.”

Compliment or Insult? 

“#FF @jbarro cause he likes stirring the pot. (Also cause he waited til after 12:01 to start his moon-trolling.)” — Bloomberg BNA’s Alex Parker regarding NYT‘s Josh Barro. A sampling of one of his remarks (there were six others): “Sure, sending a man go the moon was cool. “Man, wouldn’t that be awesome” isn’t usually the reason for a large government program.”