Marco Rubio Dismisses Hillary Clinton As ‘A 20th Century Candidate’

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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Rumors continue to swirl about Hillary Clinton’s aspirations for a 2016 presidential run, but according to Sen. Mark Rubio, Hillary’s legitimate claim to the White House ended around the year 2000.

In an NPR interview published Tuesday, Rubio asserted, “I just think she’s a 20th century candidate.”

“I think she does not offer an agenda for moving America forward in the 21st century — at least not up to now,” Rubio explained to NPR.

At the New Hampshire primary in May, Rubio did not mention Clinton by name but made similar arguments about the Democratic Party’s outlook for 2016.

“They’re threatening to nominate someone now who wants to take us to the past, to an era that is gone and is never coming back,” he said. “The 20th century is gone. We live in the 21st century, a time of extraordinary challenges but also extraordinary opportunities.”

On the other hand, Rubio, who could make his own presidential run, seems to consider himself a 21st century candidate.

He told NPR that his continuing career in public service is motivated by the nation being at a “generational, transformational crossroads.”

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