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INSTRUCTIONAL QUOTE OF THE DAY:”You think Michelle Obama does these in the Lincoln bedroom?” — a yoga instructor in Washington Monday night, while making the class repeatedly do chaturanga pushups. She said if we want “Michelle Obama arms” we have to do them.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen wants Meghan McCain for The View 

“Wanna see you there every day!!!!!” Cohen recently told her after her tryout performance.

The Observer

“Twitter mute function is absolutely brills.” — Politico‘s Seung Min Kim.

The Journalism Instructor 

“A modest proposal: Reporters should use @WhisperApp to blow up the practice of anonymous White House calls. Name,call title, tag it #sao.” — BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith

The Observer II 

“Saying ‘the Jews’ when you mean ‘Israel’ is fucked up the same way that saying ‘Muslims’ when you mean ‘Saudi Arabia’ is.” — Vice columnist Molly Crabapple.


Grating Chris Hayes has ATM troubles 

“Have had @bankofamerica ATM card hacked twice in two months. Three times in last six.” — MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

Feisty TNR reporter will be guest on The Colbert Report tonight 

“Set your DVR [tonight] to watch @juliaioffe be interviewed by America’s one true journalist.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in regards to The New Republic’s Julia Ioffe, who is scheduled to appear on The Colbert Report.

The glass half empty 

“America’s future: lots of aggrieved old people / lots of guns. Frankly, I’m frightened.” — David Frum, senior editor, The Atlantic.

Should we be frightened of apple cider vinegar? 

“That bottle of apple cider vinegar in your cabinet can be used for so much more than just pepping up a salad.” — Dr. Oz, who recently got skewered before Congress. A few of the answers: to relieve dandruff, eliminate foot odor and more.


“I gave an interview today where I was asked how often people try to get me fired. I was like ‘uhh….often?'” — Mother Jones’ Engagement Editor Ben Dreyfuss, son of Richard Dreyfuss.

Maybe he’ll be better at writing than managing? 

“I’m very excited to be joining the @POLITICOMag team as a senior staff writer! A corner of magazine-dom doing very interesting work.” — Garrett Graff, former editor of Washingtonian.


Uh oh.

“Fever, headache, nausea, so go to dr. he asks where you been. I say chimp safari Africa. He gets kinda nervous.” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida.