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My Lawsuit Against The State Department For Shattering My Knee Has Been Settled

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As of yesterday at 4:15 PM, I got my way. Finally.

I’m not going to get into the details, because I’m exhausted and I don’t want to and I’m not sure how much more I should say. If you’re my friend, you’re happy for me. If you’re not, why are you even reading this?

It’s still sinking in, and I’m feeling a lot of the feels, but the predominant one is relief. After 1,630 days, I finally got an answer. How many people can say they’ve made the State Department do anything they didn’t want to do? (Well, besides every major world leader…)

I may or may not write more about this. If so, it may or may not be in this particular forum. But for right now, the important thing is:

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Jim Treacher