Pranksters Who Pretended To Drug Girls Got What Was Coming To Them [VIDEO]

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Two guys decided that it would be a good idea to prank random strangers into thinking they were drugging girls, and got beaten up because of the stunt, according to The Bleacher Report.

The pranksters were accompanied by two girls who were willing to act as if they were drugged in order to trick random strangers.

The interactions were filmed from a hidden camera.

The first time the prank was performed, the stranger laughed after discovering it was all a joke. The second time, however, did not end so happily. After sprinkling a mysterious white powder into the woman’s water bottle, the “prankster” walked away as if nothing had happened while onlookers stood in awe.

The girl proceeded to take a sip of her water, and then — as practiced — acted as if she was dizzy and sick. Meanwhile the “prankster” approached the group, only to be chased down by two of the angered strangers. The two men sprinted after the jokester, then repeatedly punched and kicked him while he was on the ground screaming, “It was a prank!”

Luckily for the pranksters, they cleared things up with the attackers and cops, before shrugging the whole thing off.

Overall, this idea was horrible to begin with; they should have known it was bound to end up badly.

Jane Bartlett Pappas