Does Hillary Have Her Own Energizer? Is She Lesbian? ‘The View’ Speculates [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Jenny McCarthy is already on her way out of ABC’s “The View” after being fired last month. And she seems determined to go out with a bang, attacking the most sacred cow of “The View’s” liberal female audience by speculating that Hillary Clinton might be a lesbian.

On Tuesday, The New York Post previewed a new book written with anonymous accounts of Secret Service agents detailed to protect former President Bill Clinton and his wife — and possible future president — Hillary Clinton.

Among other bombshells, the excerpt alleges the existence of Bill Clinton’s secret mistress — nicknamed “The Energizer” — who is not bound by security protocols like other visitors to the Clintons’ private residence.

“I’m so tired of hearing about Bill Clinton’s extracurricular activities,” CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin said. “Because the bottom line is this is to shame Hillary . . . And I think we should stop doing that. Why are we shaming women for the actions of their husbands?”

Co-host Sherri Shepard didn’t believe it. “I always see former President William F. Clinton, and he always seems to be so in love with his wife,” she claimed. “And they’ve weathered so many storms together, so –”

“Well maybe he has his girlfriends and she has her girlfriends,” McCarthy said cheekily, prompting “Orange Is The New Black” star Jason Biggs to raise an eyebrow. “You never know.”

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