Extremist Muslim Teachers Claim Boston Bombing Was A Staged HOAX

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A group of radical Muslim teachers in England has been sending social media messages claiming that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax, white women will always be morally inferior to the women of Islam and students should be shielded from Western culture.

Known as the “Trojan Horse” plot, an investigation was launched by the British government to analyze if a group of radical Muslim teachers was hatching a plan to overthrow Birmingham-area schools in England, to allegedly instill radical Muslim agendas in government funded schools. Led by a former anti-terror chief, the investigation unveiled a group chat on the WhatsApp messenger system detailing the teachers’s radical and racist beliefs, according to a Daily Mail report.

“A number of topics are discussed,” lead investigator and former anti-terror chief Peter Clarke told the Daily Mail. “Often by a small group of contributors, which reveal the members’ attitudes towards education, homosexuality and gay marriage. There is also an undercurrent of anti-Western sentiment, explicit antagonism towards the British military, a skeptical reaction to news of terrorist attacks [Boston bombings], and numerous links posted to extremist speakers.”

The Daily Mail reported that more than 3,000 messages were sent in the social media app, most of which were written by male teachers from The Park View Brotherhood. According to the report, the message group was established by Park View’s principal, Monzoor Hussain and was setup explicitly for teachers to discuss topics for school assemblies. But according to the released texts, school assembly topics must also include blatant racism and radical conspiracy theories.

On April 19, “Teacher C” sent a message saying, “‘Watch PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack on YouTube.”

Another message claimed that the British soldier Lee Rigby who was brutally killed by radical Islamists in 2013 was also faked: “ATTACK ON ISLAM! Plz watch and share ASAP before they remove it!!!!! London butcher incident; It’s is a hoax And this is the link to reveal it.”

According to Clarke’s findings, the group of radicals had been spending years spreading radical Muslim agendas in schools, while slowly gaining momentum within the education community. The report claimed that the radical “educators” would earn influence with school principals and leaders, gaining sympathetic friends to the radical agendas of Islam, while plucking out less-supportive teachers. (RELATED: Islamic History Will Not Be Foisted On All British Kids)

“The existence of a common ideological stance among key linked individuals in this enquiry, the taking of control of governing bodies and the implementation of conservative religious practices in the schools where these individuals have influence, means that there can be no doubt that what has happened has been driven by a desire to instill a particular style of religious ethos into these state non-faith schools,” Clarke told the Daily Mail.

At one school in the Birmingham-area, a former chairman at the Nansen Primary School was canned after telling an undercover reporter from the Daily Mirror that white children are lazy, as well as, “our women are much, much better consciously in the heart than any white women. White women have the least amount of morals.”

The messaging app was active from April 2013 until it was closed in March 2014. Though the investigation has unveiled many of the Muslim teachers to be radical, school officials are still deciding on how to control the problem.