Member Of Dem. Campaign Sent Vulgar And Sacrilegious Tweets

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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A team member of the Democrat’s nominee for governor of Maine tweeted a lot of sacrilegious and vulgar statements and was suspended for it.

Maine Rep. Michael Michaud’s team member Ben Gagnon was suspended after tweeting sexist, expletive-laden statements. The tweets were taken down by late afternoon July 22, according to MBPN News.

Some comments he tweeted include “You can’t enter heaven unless Jesus enters you,” “If you’re here for the premature ejaculation meeting you’ve come too early” and “There is no ‘good way’ to give a blowjob. One man’s ‘good way’ is another man’s ‘too much teeth.'”

Michaud’s campaign manager, Matt McTighe, said that Gagnon’s tweets “cannot be defended and do not represent the views of the campaign,” MBPN News reports.

While Gagnon was interning for Michaud, Maine Republican Party Communications Director David Sorenson said in a statement to The Daily Caller that Gagnon “was featured in a picture of Michaud and his closest staff on the candidate’s website and in a Democratic convention video. He is a blogger on the state’s premier liberal blog, Dirigo Blue.”

In the top row, Michaud is top, second from the left.

Ben Gagnon with Michaud team

Sorenson said that it’s appalling that Gagnon hasn’t been fired — that Michaud has only suspended him. “The sexist slurs and other crude remarks he flaunted online are disgusting and they reveal the Democratic Party’s double standard when it comes to sensitivity in our political discourse,” Sorenson said.

According to a press release from Maine’s Republican Party, Gagnon has a history of tweeting crude remarks and asks if Michaud himself would use such crude comments.


The Maine Republican Party is calling for Gagnon to be fired and his remarks denounced.

“Michaud should immediately fire the person who made them,” Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage said in a statement. “I would not expect a sitting congressman and aspiring governor to allow such sexist and hate-filled behavior in his offices.”

Gagnon’s suspension is indefinite at this point, according to Michaud’s gubernatorial campaign spokeswoman, Lizzy Reinholt, and they “have not made any decisions on whether he will be allowed to rejoin the campaign.”

But Savage said that it’s sad that in Michaud’s career, he’s had more staff scandals than bills passed into law in Congress.

“Hopefully he does the right thing and cleans up his campaign office this time.”

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