Michele Bachmann Peeved Media Isn’t Speculating About Her Running Again

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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Rep. Michele Bachmann took the opportunity to float herself for the 2016 presidential candidacy during an interview with RealClearPolitics Tuesday.

“The only thing that the media has speculated on is that it’s going to be various men that are running,” Bachmann told RealClearPolitics. “They haven’t speculated, for instance, that I’m going to run. What if I decide to run? And there’s a chance I could run.”

Bachmann, whose House term expires at the end of this year, was a long-shot Republican presidential candidate in 2012. She made a media splash after she won the 2011 Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, but she ended up ended up only finishing in sixth place in the Iowa caucuses.

The Minnesota congresswoman appears to wants to learn from her campaign mistakes in 2012, though.

“I haven’t made a decision one way or another if I’m going to run again, but I think the organization is probably the key,” Bachmann said. “To have an organization and people who surround you who are loyal, who are highly competent, who know how to be able to run the ball down the field in state after state — because now I think the primary process will be very different this time. It will tighten up; it will be a much shorter run than it was before.”

“I think it’s important to have sufficient time to lay the necessary groundwork to have a really solid campaign and a campaign team put together,” she explained. “And I think probably I would think about that decision earlier than I did last time.”

So, Bachmann ultimately isn’t sure she will make a second presidential run, but she still isn’t ready to give up the spotlight.

American media, take notice!

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