Meet The Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon: Camera, Automated 911, Pepper Spray

Kate Patrick Contributor
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Some of us like to stay out late, walk around downtown at night, and take the Metro at midnight — alone. Some of us even think that dark alleys are fun to explore. For those of us who find personal safety to be a challenge, there is now a solution: a really cool new pepper spray/camera/911 combo.

Advertised as the first smart protection system, the Defender is a handheld device that works as pepper spray, a siren, a camera (for snapping photos of assailants), and an automated 911 alert system.

The Defender connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and then automatically connects to your phone’s GPS. When you activate the pepper spray, you also activate a loud siren and the camera. The Defender takes a photo of the attacker and sends it to the 24/7 Defender alert team, which in turn notifies the police of your location so you can get help right away.

Marketing Director Ryan McManus said in an April statement, “The Defender goes into action with one push of a button. Internet-connected devices are enhancing all aspects of our lives and we have brought this connectivity to personal safety. The Defender sets a new standard in self-defense and we are excited to be launching on IndieGogo.”

Right now, you can pre-order the Defender for a whopping $159 on its website. The company is still raising money via a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGogo, and hopes to start shipping by the end of 2014.


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