Boy Has A World Record 232 Teeth Removed

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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A boy in India had 232 teeth removed after seeking help for the swelling of his lower jaw. Doctors believe that this could be a world record.

Surgeons found that Ashik Gavei, 17, had a large, benign tumor in his mouth. The tumor was made of the same tissues that make up one’s teeth.

Gavai and his family live in a small village in the Buldhana district of the Amravati region. As the family noticed that the boy’s jaw was growing abnormally, his family took him to the private J.J. Hospital in Mumbai. The extensive surgery cost around RS 40,000, and was covered under the state government’s health insurance.

Eventually, Gavei was diagnosed with a condition known as complex odontima, which causes teeth grow and lump together until the jaw holds no resemblance to its normal form. Gavai’s mouth presented a more extreme case.

Removing a benign tumor stemming from complex odontima is usually a relatively simple procedure, but Gavei’s surgery reportedly took over seven hours. When doctors opened the tumor they found an large marble-like structure as well as multiple pearl-like teeth inside the jawbone.

Doctors had to eventually chisel out each of the tooth fragments individually. All 232 tooth fragments. After the surgery, the hospital forwarded the case to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if the surgery could hold the record for the most number of teeth extracted from a single person’s mouth.

“Though we tried our best to remove every bit of teeth, there may have been some residual left. In that case, there are chances of those growing back. We have told the family that regular check-ups and investigation are a must,” Dr. Vandana Thorawade said.

After the operation, Gavai is left with 28 teeth—not bad, considering that the average human has about 32 teeth. Gavai’s jawbone was somehow maintained during the surgery, and doctors believe that it will heal without deformities.

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