The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘E’

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Learning the alphabet of racism is no small task, and frankly writing it isn’t either. But here at The Daily Caller we’re dedicated to spreading the news that racism is everywhere, everyday. The letter ‘A,’ the letter ‘B,’ the letter ‘C,’ and the letter ‘D’ are behind us — only 21 more letters to go!

Here are seven things that start with the letter ‘E’ that somebody, somewhere has deemed racist.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)Ending racism is racist, declared Justice Sonia Sotomayor in a dissenting opinion after the Supreme Court ruled the feds can’t force the state of Michigan to engage in racial discrimination. Michigan had passed a proposal mandating race-neutral state policy, which effectively banned affirmative action in that state. But Sotomayor complained Michigan’s decision to ban a racist policy was itself racist, because it “changed the basic rules of the political process in that State in a manner that uniquely disadvantaged racial minorities.”

(Photo: Allan Tannenbaum-Pool/Getty Images)If you or a loved one talked about Barack Obama’s lack of experience as a presidential candidate (and you’re white), you’re almost certainly racist, because “experienced” is apparently a racial code word. Basil Smikle of The Century Foundation told Michelle Malkin in amazing detail exactly why the word and those who use it are racist: “Experienced? Does it really mean the time that [Obama] spent in the Senate, or does it mean, ‘Well, does that guy have the same kind of experience in life that I have?’ … What does inexperience really mean?”

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)The Enlightenment is racist, according to an eye-opening essay published in The New York Times last year, because it’s responsible for the pseudo-scientific idea that white people are smarter than everybody else. The “so-called Enlightenment,” says The Times, “witnessed the development of the slave trade into the very foundation of the global economy, and at the same time saw racial classifications congeal into pseudo-biological kinds, piggy-backing on the divisions folk science had always made across the natural world of plants and animals.”

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)In addition to being super annoying, those animated icons called Emojis — showing up in pre-teen text messages everywhere — are racist, according to Miley Cyrus and a bunch of other people who started a petition demanding Apple diversify the icons. “If you look at Apple’s emoji keyboard,” the petition complains, “what do you see? Two different camels. A smiling turd. EVERY PHASE OF THE MOON. But of the more than 800 emojis, the only two resembling people of color are a guy who looks vaguely Asian and another in a turban.” Other apps have been developed with emojis that aren’t just representative of white straight people, but the default keyboard is still pretty racist.



Colorized scanning electron micrograph of filamentous Ebola virus particles (Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons)Everyone who doesn’t care about the Ebola outbreak currently going on in parts of Africa is probably racist, implies this scathing article written by the obscure leftist website Salon, which specializes in playing the race card. The “troubling truth,” explains the article in so many words, is that many Americans have a hard time caring about the outbreak, because they can’t get past their racist view that African people are savages.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)President Obama has been getting a lot of flak from the media for, among numerous other things, constantly going on extravagant vacations. But expecting the President to spend money reasonably is racist, according to — you guessed it — Salon’s editor-in-chief. There appears to be “a very different standard for this particular first family,” Joan Walsh said according to MSNBC. Conservatives are trying to treat the first family like “high-level welfare queens” who are “living it up on our dime,” she complained on a different occasion. “It’s going back to this idea of the ‘uppity Negro,’ isn’t it?”

(Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)“Entitlement society” is another one of those insidious racial code words used by white people, according to political analyst Juan Williams. These words aren’t connected to race in any kind of concrete way, which is exactly why they’re so clever! “The language of GOP racial politics is heavy on euphemisms that allow the speaker to deny any responsibility for the racial content of his message,” Williams explained in a 2012 essay for The Hill. “The code words in this game are ‘entitlement society’ — as used by Mitt Romney — and ‘poor work ethic’ and ‘food stamp president’ as used by Newt Gingrich.”

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