TV Show For Kids Depicts A Lesbian Couple Having A Late-term Abortion [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A TV show on the supposedly family friendly network ABC Family aired an episode of the show “The Fosters” depicting a lesbian couple getting a late-term abortion.

Produced by Jennifer Lopez, the series, which premiered in 2013, revolves around a married lesbian couple and their family of step and foster children.

On Monday night’s episode entitled “Mother,” 20-weeks-pregnant character Lena (played by “Rescue Me” actress Sherri Shaum) winds up in the hospital with pre-eclampsia and the diagnosis that she could die if she continues with the pregnancy. The doctor tells the couple they can induce labor and watch the baby die, or end the pregnancy. Lena and her wife Stef (played by “Meet the Parents” actress Terri Polo) decide to abort the baby in order to save Lena. (RELATED: This Couple Spends Their Weekends Mocking Pro-lifers)

Though the term “abortion” is never uttered in the series aimed at teenage kids, it is clear that the couple decide to terminate the pregnancy, causing the characters to appear sad.