MSNBC’s Farrow MERCILESSLY Mocked By Guests For Ridiculous Segment On Comic-Con Sexism

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Ronan Farrow was ruthlessly ridiculed by his own guests Friday for an inane segment on sexual harassment at the annual Comic-Con convention — with the two comedians taking particular note of the fact that Farrow led the segment with news on the failed Israeli-Hamas ceasefire.

Turning from the violent ongoing struggle in Gaza, Farrow introduced “a dark issue where you might not expect it” — namely, a bunch of nerds touching each other through their Gandalf beards and Power Ranger spandex at this year’s convention in San Diego. 

He noted that a staggering 2,500(!) had already signed “Geeks for Consent’s” petition for a formal Comic-Con anti-harassment policy — though the event is expected to draw over 130,000 decked-out dweebs.

“Can we get our nerd on without discriminating?” Farrow asked earnestly, prompting guests Chuck Knight and Lea DeLaria to burst out laughing.

“Before I say anything, let me just say it made perfect sense to follow-up the rejection of a ceasefire with Comic-Con,” Knight snarked, “because everyone knows Comic-Con is the Gaza of geekdom. And we all know that.”

“I don’t believe real dweebs would harass a woman,” he said. “Our dream is to build a girl robot and harass her!”

“I just wanna say this about the harassment that’s happening there,” said DeLaria. “I say that if a woman is not wearing a burqa, she’s asking for it.”

Farrow repeatedly tried to steer the conversation toward a more serious note. “The comic industry needs to modernize,” he said. “They shouldn’t be allowing this to happen!”

DeLaria wouldn’t bite. “You know, I think as a feminist that’s the first place we need to start,” she said sarcastically. “We need to get right there at Comic-Con, cause that’s the important issue in terms of sexual harassment. And I’m really glad that all the money that they spent getting their Women Study degree from Smith has come in handy.”

It shouldn’t have gotten worse. But it did, after DeLaria decided to go out giving Farrow “the Vulcan mind-meld,” touching Farrow’s face and humming the Star Trek theme song as the video feed switched to a horrified Joy Reid — who must have wondered how she drew the short straw by following up “Ronan Farrow Daily.”

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