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Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Imwit) Dares To #LiveTheWage

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Not having damaged the economy enough already, the Democrats keep pushing to raise the minimum wage. Here’s the “thinking”: If you give people more money, then they’ll have more money. More money is good. Yay!

And what’s a dumb policy push without a dumb Twitter hashtag? Ladies and gentlemen: #LiveTheWage.


That’s horrible, Jan. Aren’t you worried about malnutrition? Do you have a medical team on standby? Please don’t do this to yourself!

Rep. Schakowsky has proven the exact opposite of what she intended. America is the best-fed country in the history of the world. As she’s shown, food is plentiful and cheap. That’s despite the best efforts of leftists, not because of them.

And keep in mind that these are the same scolds who keep telling us all to eat less.

Wondering how Jan usually eats? So is everybody else:

Caviar is pretty much another form of tuna, right?

(Hat tip: Twitchy)