Project A Touchscreen Of Your Phone Onto A Wall

Kate Patrick Contributor
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TouchPico is a not-so-handy gadget you can fit in your pocket and project your phone’s screen onto any surface. Besides being an awkward size, the device is advertised to be a touchscreen, even though it really isn’t.

The handheld TouchPico projects your smartphone’s screen onto a wall, but you must use a stylus in order to actually make the screen work. According to Gizmodo, the device only lasts 45 minutes before you need to plug it in.

The manufacturers are currently raising money on IndieGogo before starting mass production, so if you want to buy a TouchPico, you can pay $289 for the device plus the stylus.

It seems like TouchPico might be useful for presentations or slideshows, and maybe for watching a movie — but that’s if you keep everything on your phone. While plenty of people store data and entertainment on their phones, they also use tablets or laptops. If you only use a phone and don’t own a tablet or laptop, this might be a handy gadget.


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