Vending Machine For Breastfeeding Equipment Created

Julia Dent Contributor
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Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md., has a new kind of vending machine: Instead of carrying your typical candy and chips, this one has breastfeeding equipment for working mothers.

This vending machine has 14 different products, including bottles and pumps, according to the Daily Mail. It’s the brainchild of Meg Stoltzfus, a hospital employee in the human resources department, and it took a year to create.

“I worked and pumped as well, so I’ve made it sort of a mission to help other moms,” she said. “You can get a vending machine company to build you a vending machine to do just about anything.”

Since being installed, business is going well. Because hospital employees have to work at all hours, working mothers often need to breastfeed.

The hospital has 14 nursing rooms, which are visited 23,000 times a year. The rooms and the new vending machine are part of the hospital’s Breastfeeding Support Program.