Gutfeld: Dem Fundraising On Impeachment ‘Acknowledgement Of How Poor A Job Obama Is Doing’

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld found the White House’s rhetoric on the “impending” impeachment of President Barack Obama curious, noting it’s “almost a tacit acknowledgement of how poor a job Obama is doing.”

In the last week the Democratic Party — from the White House to the DCCC — has pushed a narrative of a Republican Party days or weeks away from filing impeachment charges against Obama. With the exception of a few Republican lawmakers, that charge is false — and House Speaker John Boehner specifically ruled out filing impeachment charges during a Monday press conference.

On Tuesday’s “The Five,” Gutfeld explained how the “Dems are using impeachment to get their base to write fat checks . . . The White House wants the loudest, crankiest voices to become the GOP face, because that raises cash.”

“The White House was cynical to use such noise to frighten their constituents,” he noted. “And it shows their desperation in trying to use these theme.”

“Strangely, it’s almost a tacit acknowledgement of how poor a job Obama is doing,” Gutfeld continued. “They’re not saying ‘Are you kidding!?’ when impeachment is brought up. Instead they threaten their base.”

“It’s very close to saying, ‘Yeah, we get it, he’s awful. But let’s save them from himself,'” the Fox News host concluded.

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