It’s Probably A Bad Idea To Go After Richard Sherman These Days

Al Weaver Reporter
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During the season, Richard Sherman may be the self-proclaimed best cornerback in the NFL.

The offseason is a different story. Richard Sherman is the undisputed king of the 2014 offseason.

Madden cover? Check.

New contract? Check.

Keeping his social media hand strong? Most certainly, check.

Arizona’s Patrick Peterson got paid yesterday. And by “got paid,” we mean he became the highest paid cornerback in the NFL after signing a 5 year, $70 million extension, bypassing Sherman’s 4-year, $56 million pact keeping him in Seattle for the forseeable future.

So how did Peterson celebrate? Naturally, by attempting to bait Sherman.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.22.50 PM

Probably Definitely not a good move.

How Did Sherman respond? The only way a Super Bowl champ knows how. Oh, and he got some help (not that he needed any).



TheDC really hopes that next time Peterson takes that route again, he 1) has a Super Bowl ring, and 2) can talk the talk and walk the walk with the current-day king of trash talk.

For his sake, in fairness, we hope he doesn’t go there again. He may end up in the same territory as Michael Crabtree if he pokes the bear again.

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