NBA Player Tracks Down Aunt’s Murderer With Social Media

Seth Richardson Contributor
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An NBA player used his social media expertise to track down the murderer of his aunt, according to ABC News.

Clippers small forward Matt Barnes’ aunt Tanganyika Williams was stabbed in the neck on July 8. She bled out on the way to the hospital.

Barnes took to his more than 400,000 combined Instagram and Twitter followers to find Michael Lee Williams, the alleged murderer.

Now, police in Sacramento say they have Williams in custody thanks to a citizen tip.

“When it’s your family, you just feel like you … you can do more,” Barnes said. “You want to do more.”

Police Chief Sam Somers credited Barnes with aiding the investigation.

“He’s a local kid. He has a following here in Sacramento,” he said. “And having his name attached with us and helping in this investigation will help us actually solve this matter.”

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