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CNN correspondent apologizes for name calling… If you say “fucksticks” and you’re on a major cable news network, you’re probably going to end up apologizing, Bill Weir. See the story on Mediaite here. And a note to The Daily Banter, when another site breaks a story, best to mention it high up and not wait until the ass end of the story and give them a h/t.

Politico uses kid gloves on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough… What else would you expect? He’s writes for Politico. Read here.

Monica Lewinksy a regular at Vanity Fair See here.

BuzzFeed UK’s office dog Phineas is so damn cute… and yet helped create a really dumb listicle today. Where’s Benny Johnson when you need him? Look here. Just look at the pictures. The words are incredibly disappointing.

I hope my coworkers start using these slang terms regularly…See The Root‘s list and usage instructions here.