Cronuts Creator Invents Sundae In A Can

Julia Dent Contributor
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The creator of the cronut — a pastry that’s both a croissant and a donut — has continued inventing and has blessed the world with the first sundae in a can.

Culinary genius Chef Dominique Ansel calls his magical creation “Pop It! Sundae In A Can,” and it will be available for $15 on Aug. 2 for just one day in New York. Ansel has teamed up with designer Lisa Perry and charity City Harvest to feed the hungry, and 20 percent of the profits will go to them, according to the Daily Mail.

“A regular sundae has a mix of textures because you’re assembling it to order, so some elements are frozen and some are not,” Ansel said. “But when you build a sundae in a can, the trick is to think of things that, when frozen, maintain a distinctly different texture.”

Fingers crossed that Ansel will sell the sundae in a can all over the country after its premiere so we can all enjoy its deliciousness. And can I get my sundae with a cronut?

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Julia Dent