Giraffe Dies After Smashing Head On Overpass

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Tragic news from South Africa today as a giraffe was killed after smashing its head on a freeway overpass while being transferred to Pretoria in a truck, NBC News reports.

Twitter user @PabiMoloi tweeted a picture of the giraffe’s impending doom, saying he wish he hadn’t seen it.

Look how low that bridge is and how tall the giraffes are. Who thought this one through? I wish I hadn’t seen this.

— Pabi Moloi (@PabiMoloi) July 31, 2014

Rick Allan of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals confirmed the story to NBC saying the giraffes were obviously being transported wrong.

“Their heads were above the vehicle which meant that one of them cracked their head one the bridge,” he said. “That’s something we are very concerned about and we will be looking at a prosecution under animal cruelty legislation.” (RELATED: Enjoy Your Day With These Photos Of A Giraffe In A Swimming Pool)

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