Israel — The Democrat — Troubled By John Kerry’s Remarks On Israel — The Country [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Democratic Rep. Steve Israel said he’s troubled by Secretary of State John Kerry’s take on Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

While he supports Kerry’s statements in support of Israel’s right to survive and protect its citizens, Rep. Israel said in an interview with Bloomberg he gets concerned when Kerry urges Israel to be sensitive to its enemies.

“I do get concerned with statements from Secretary Kerry, as I was concerned with statements in the Bush administration about the need to, for Israel to show sensitivity or demonstrate greater attempts with respect to civilians in Gaza,” he said in the clip, “when Israel in fact goes further than most any other country I know to do that.”

Rep. Israel is head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The full interview with Bloomberg’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt” will air in full this weekend.


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