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Journo Has Bizarre Fear Of Decapitation

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Earlier in the month, investigative journalist Charles Johnson addressed the ‘Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit’ to discuss politics and his latest book, Why Coolidge Matters. No doubt he inspired these politicos, but he also put the fear of beheading in their young impressionable minds.

Has he lost his head? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Hannah Stevens from Michigan, asks, “You just said that you’re not registered to vote. …Why do you not exercise your right to vote that other countries and people would love to do?”

Johnson, who recently launched, replied that he has head threats of decapitation. So voting isn’t something he feels he can do.

“I love my country. I’m involved in the political process,” he assured. “One of the reasons I don’t vote is I’ve had a number of death threats against me. Saying that people would literally cut my head off. Like literally. Like cachech [insert sideway karate chop here].” [Watch at 29:20 below.] 

He says the FBI has warned him to be careful. He insists he truly fears for his safety.

“I was told by a law enforcement contact when I did some work with the FBI that I should do as much as possible,” he said. “So I live in a gated community. I have a gun in every room in my house. My wife has a different maiden name. So I should do as possible to avoid detection. So that’s a big reason I don’t vote. I have voted in the past.”

(His wife has a different maiden name? From her other maiden name?)

Johnson also says he has his own quest in life — to fight political corruption on the right and left — and doesn’t wish to be part of a Republican machine or political tribe. He says he believes in principles above parties and people.

“I don’t even leave the house to get food,” he told the forum. “I’m working all the time. I’m literally working from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. My wife has to literally pull me away so we can go on date night.”